Rack conveyor dishwashers

Toptech 31-22.2

lavastoviglie industriali a nastro
The top of the range for unprecedented performance.
The TopTech rack conveyor dishwashers are available in a unique 31-22 set-up level, including heat recovery device and in-line drying tunnel, characterized by very advanced technology and extremely reduced consumption, up to 0.6 lt. per basket.


Rack size

50 x 50 cm

Maximum height for glasses

45 cm
Lavastoviglie Colged

Maximum height for dishes

45 cm

Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (60 x 40)

Technical specifications


Pre-wash, wash 1, wash 2, multiple rinse, heat recovery and drying

Maximum productivity

270 racks/hour

Dimensions W x D x H

3406 x 770 x 1615 cm

Door/hood opening

45 cm

Power with cold water supply

44,1 kW

Maximum water consumption*

170 litres/hour

Maximum water consumption*

0,6 litres/rack

* calculated on High Capacity programme

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Legnago (VR) – ITALY

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Viale Europa, 24 – 37045
Legnago (VR) – ITALY