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Hood dishwashers

The new generation of Colged dishwashers is designed to offer the highest real-life throughput thanks to the application of technologies to shorten recovery time: the appliance is ready at once for all requirements.

The benefits of a colged dishwasher

Lower operating costs

Reducing water, energy and detergent use means immediate savings for anyone choosing a Colged dishwasher.

Savings of up to 25% with the Ultrarinse and Energy Saving technologies to cut electricity use. What’s more, in the version with NRG heat recovery system combined with the specific Pro Professional wash program, savings are to up to 4 kW/h per day.

Flexibility to help you on the job

The new generation of Colged hood dishwashers is an effective solution for many applications and contexts of use. With hood clearance up to 46.5 cm and specific, different wash programs, a Colged hood appliance is quickly transformed into a glass washer and dishwasher, a powerful potwasher or a versatile utensil washer. The standard or special racks provided and a full system of tables and accessories enable construction of a washing area truly tailored to the customer’s real needs.

All machines offer the automatic start function, where the cycle is started simply by lowering the hood.

Unbeatable throughput

Thanks to the right mix of washing and rinsing temperatures, new technologies that cut recovery times and the innovative Quick Ready function, large quantities of dishes can now be washed in a short time. Real throughput of up to 50 racks/hour is an outstanding figure unrivalled in the respective product classes.

Easy to use, for everyone

The Smartscreen and Proscreen user interfaces are easy and user-friendly thanks to colour codes and symbols that speed up use of the appliance and staff training. The operator can choose the right wash program for the type of dishes to be washed and set detergent doses from the control panel.

Quick, easy cleaning

Colged dishwashers are constructed in accordance with the SmartClean design philosophy to make end-of-shift cleaning operations as quick and easy as possible. With the special Pro Clean self- cleaning cycle, tank emptying and shut-down are automatic, meaning fewer tasks for operators.

Functional innovations such as specially designed wash chambers, rack rails with no blind spots and anti-fouling surface strainers, and technological innovations including the Easy Handling wash arms, ensure quick, easy cleaning and maintenance.


Hood dishwashers



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