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Rack conveyor dishwashers

Colged presents a complete range of rack conveyor dishwashers offering a choice of different throughputs, dimensions and configurations, to provide the optimal dishwashing solution for users of all types, ranging from a large company canteen to a small health facility. The entire range features double skin construction, moulded tanks, integral double strainers and full-width counterbalanced doors for easier cleaning after use.

lavastoviglie industriali a nastro
lavastoviglie industriali a nastro


Smart use of resources, maximum efficiency

Reducing water, energy, detergent and labour use means immediate savings for anyone choosing a Colged rack conveyor dishwasher.

Up to 300 racks/hour using just 0.6 litres of water per rack, delivering perfectly washed and dried dishes, ready for use.



Patented washing systems for significantly lower running costs, due to reduction in water and detergent use.

Auto timer

Auto timer Timed washing system to reduce energy use in standby periods. All electrical loads are gradually shut down except for the tank and boiler heating elements, which remain on so that the dishwasher is ready to restart operation at any time.


Device that stops rinsing if there is no rack for processing. The system is electromechanical: simple, reliable and effective in reducing wastage of water and the energy needed to heat it.

Throughput and efficiency

Thanks to the many configurations available and the new Idrowash and Duoflow technologies, washing large amounts of dishes in a short time is now possible. Real throughput of up to 300 racks/hour is an outstanding figure unrivalled in the respective product classes.

Appliances are equipped with a rack conveyor system with two side rails to leave the centre of the rack completely free for water to pass.

The safety device without clutch plates prevents all damage to the conveyor system if the rack accidentally jams.


System which ensures that the electrical power supplied to the pump is converted into mechanical washing action in the most efficient way possible.


Conventional pumps have one inlet (from the tank) and one outlet to the two washing arms: the flow is divided by means of a Tee- or Y-joint According to our research, 25-30% of power is lost at this point. The Colged solution is simple: the pump has one inlet but two outlets, with no Tee- joint. Power loss is not reduced but actually eliminated, and noise levels are also halved. For example, the results provided by a conventional pump of 650 W are delivered by a Duoflow of just 480 W: top performance with minimal energy use.


Efficient water distribution for impeccable washing results


The special design of the Colged spray arms with carefully targeted nozzles creates water jets that hit the dishes at maximum force, before they divide into droplets and their energy is dissipated

This is enabled by the 12 nozzles on each arm, which generate extremely stable water jets. Placed very close together, these jets form a “hydraulic scrubbing brush” to shift dirt from dishes with the maximum efficacy.

Easy to use, for everyone

The Smartscreen and Proscreen user interfaces are easy and user-friendly thanks to colour codes and symbols that speed up and simplify use of the appliance and staff training. The operator can choose the right wash program and set detergent doses from the control panel.

Appliances have large clearance of an impressive 45 cm, allowing trouble-free loading of oven dishes, gastronorm trays, heat-insulated trays for food distribution, even large plates, tall tumblers, cookware and various utensils, with the aid of specific racks.


User-friendly operator screen understandable at a glance.


Programs offer different temperature, washing time and rinse flow rate and distribution for effective processing of large amounts of dishes in a short time.

Made to measure

To fit the shape of the washing area and the user’s needs, the Colged offering comprises a large range of modular solutions with one or two wash tanks, which can be completed by a drying zone and pre-wash module (including at right-angles) and a series of tables and roller ways of the most widely varying sizes.

Simplified assembly

Modules are connected by means of an innovative system enabling very fast subdivision and reassembly; the electrical and water systems are also designed to make these operations completely trouble-free. Thanks to this approach, no doorway is too narrow for a dishwasher to be installed.

C4I interface


The interface comprises a 6’’ touch screen and two capacitive buttons, one of which changes colour to show the appliance’s status at a glance. Users can select one of the many wash programs available and view the status of every single area, from water inlet to drying. State-of-the-art self- diagnosis includes an alarms log and a troubleshooting function with possible solutions to problems detected. Information is provided by means of icons and text messages in one of the pre-set languages. Display of daily and total operating hours. A series of menus with protected access allow technicians to adjust every single operating parameter, from screen language to tableware feed speed, and from wash and rinse temperatures to the combination of pumps and arms to be activated Connectivity is provided by a plug-in optional module giving access to all functions from a PC connected via USB cable.

Proscreen Interface

Display LED
4- character LED display with side indicator bars

Very easy to use, reliable and complete, with four soft touch keys and a 4-character LED display with two side indicator bars.
Carefully chosen combinations of colours and graphic symbols provide a clear indication of the dishwasher status and wash cycle progress at a glance.

In addition to the operating parameters, such as tank and boiler temperature or the number of cycles completed, the screen also displays information from the self-diagnosis system. Information is provided in the form of codes, text, colours or icons. Users can adjust the tank and boiler temperature and detergent and rinse aid doses, while our specialised technicians can modify all the appliance’s operating parameters.


Rack conveyor dishwashers



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