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From 1957 to the present, Colged has produced more than a million professional dishwashers, building up unrivalled experience and know-how that have kept it constantly at the state of the art in the dishwashing field.

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For a unique washing experience

Colged professional dishwashers offer bars, restaurants and the hotel sector the guarantee of perfect washing, with a careful eye on efficiency and sustainability.

More than 120 models for all requirements

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Impeccable washing in record times

The new generation of Colged dishwashers is designed to offer the highest real-life throughput thanks to the application of technologies to shorten recovery time, particularly by reducing water consumption.

Versatile, reliable dishwashers

To meet the market’s various demands the Colged range is designed to offer the user a wide array of functions and specialisations, thanks to a large assortment of accessories.

Easy to use, for everyone

Robust construction, safety, easy cleaning and user-friendly interfaces: Colged dishwashers are designed with the people who use them every day firmly in mind.

Sustainability and saving

Energy Saving is the Colged design philosophy that aims to optimise water and energy use.

You can count on Colged partners

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Need to replace your old dishwasher urgently?

500 appliances for immediate delivery.

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Get the most
from your dishwasher

Perfect washing results are achieved by combining our dishwashers’ excellence with an integrated water treatment and detergent system.

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