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Utensil washers

Colged utensil washers are designed to be exceptionally reliable and versatile, with excellent washing in quick times, with even the most stubborn dirt. Pans, oven dishes, trays, racks and various cooking tools: unbeatable flexibility for an infinity of utensil types.

lavastoviglie industriali
lavastoviglie industriali


Forget hand-washing

Colged utensil washers are designed for operator convenience and unbeatable washing efficiency.

They use 50% less water and 70% less detergent thanks to the peristaltic pump dosing system and high tank temperatures.

Shorter times: just a few minutes for perfect washing of even the most stubborn dirt

Convenience: hand-washing takes space, time and effort.

Better Hygiene: thanks to high water temperature combined with specific detergents

Flexibility and guaranteed results

The Colged new generation of utensil washers provides an effective solution to the challenges facing the food sector. The breadth of the product range and the assortment of accessories, racks and inserts are able to meet the most widely varying washing needs.

Specific programs, high washing temperatures and dedicated detergents guarantee excellent performance and results, every time.

Rugged and reliable

Colged utensil washers are designed and built to last over time, with rugged construction for outstanding resistance to mechanical stresses and to reduce heat and noise emissions, thanks to the double skin with cavity.

Easy to use, for everyone

The Smartscreen and Proscreen user interfaces are easy and user-friendly thanks to colour codes and symbols that speed up use of the appliance and staff training. The operator can choose the right wash program for the type of dishes to be washed and set detergent doses from the control panel.

Labour-saving and safety

Designed to make operators’ lives easier, Colged utensil washers have a door split into two interconnected halves, for easy, stable opening. Loading and unloading is facilitated by the stainless steel racks with low-friction plastic skid pads.

Utensil washer with
NRG heat recovery system

For a safe, protected working environment

  • Less steam and humidity in the workplace
  • Operator risk protection and greater working comfort
  • 30% less energy use
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Quick, easy cleaning

Colged dishwashers are constructed in accordance with the SmartClean design philosophy to make end-of-shift cleaning operations as quick and easy as possible. With the special Pro Clean self- cleaning cycle, tank emptying and shut-down are automatic, meaning fewer tasks for operators.

Functional innovations such as specially designed wash chambers, rack rails with no blind spots and anti-fouling surface strainers, and technological innovations including the Easy Handling wash arms, ensure quick, easy cleaning and maintenance.


Utensil washers



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