Rack conveyor dishwashers

Protech 31-21.1

Withstands particularly heavy use with long work shifts and heavy load of dirt on the dishes
The utmost attention has been paid to the ease of cleaning and maintenance. For example the rinsing module now equipped with a wide door opening that offers optimum accessibility without diminishing the ease of use ensured by the control panel with intuitive LED interface.


Rack size

50 x 50 cm

Maximum height for glasses

45 cm

Maximum height for dishes

45 cm

Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (60 x 40)

Technical specifications


DuoRinse multiple performance rinsers.

Maximum productivity

200 racks/hour

Dimensions W x D x H

1701 x 770 x 1615 cm

Door/hood opening

45 cm

Power with hot water supply

21 kW

Power with cold water supply

29 kW

Power with plus heat recovery system

23,6 kW

Maximum water consumption*

160 litres/hour

Maximum water consumption*

0,8 litres/rack

* calculated on High Capacity programme

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Legnago (VR) – ITALY

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Viale Europa, 24 – 37045
Legnago (VR) – ITALY