Rack conveyor dishwashers

Isytech 31-11.2

lavastoviglie industriali a nastro
It has greater versatility of use and higher production, thanks to the very advanced adaptive rinse system.
Isytech 31-11.2 is an innovative rack conveyor dishwasher. Colged proposes an innovative generation of tunnel dishwashers intended to represent the new reference standard of the sector in terms of advantages for the users and price performance ratio. The equipment of these new machines is more complete and allows for 23% lower consumption compared to the 31-10 series, up to 1.0 litres/basket.


Rack size

50 x 50 cm

Maximum height for glasses

45 cm
Lavastoviglie Colged

Maximum height for dishes

45 cm

Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (60 x 40)

Technical specifications


Prelavaggio, lavaggio e risciacquo ProRinse

Maximum productivity

270 racks/hour

Dimensions W x D x H

1968 x 770 x 1615 cm

Door/hood opening

45 cm

Power with hot water supply

30,2 kW

Power with cold water supply

45,2 kW

Power with plus heat recovery system

37,9 kW

Maximum water consumption*

320 litres/hour

Maximum water consumption*

1,2 litres/rack

* calculated on High Capacity programme

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Viale Europa, 24 – 37045
Legnago (VR) – ITALY

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Viale Europa, 24 – 37045
Legnago (VR) – ITALY