Rack conveyor dishwashers

Isytech 31-11.1

lavastoviglie industriali a nastro
These machines are characterised by their compact external dimensions, thanks to the rinsing system being incorporated in the wash module.
The user interface is the acclaimed LED ProSmart, which provides simple and intuitive control of machine functions. Another fundamental feature is the low water consumption, which on some machines is as low as 1,1 litres per rack. All models are equipped as standard with the autotimer and rinse economizer, as well as integral steel fi lters in the wash tank. A wide choice of optional accessories, tables and rollerways means that the machine can be adapted perfectly to any installation requirements. The rinsing technology provides for a boiler pressurized by a special pump and water supply through a steel break tank. In this case, water consumption is always constant regardless of the mains supply pressure, thereby allowing the full potential of the washing system to be used.


Rack size

50 x 50 cm

Maximum height for glasses

45 cm
Lavastoviglie Colged

Maximum height for dishes

45 cm

Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (60 x 40)

Technical specifications


ProRinse wash and rinse

Maximum productivity

160 racks/hour

Dimensions W x D x H

1150 x 770 x 1615 cm

Door/hood opening

45 cm

Power with hot water supply

23,2 kW

Power with cold water supply

32,7 kW

Power with plus heat recovery system

26,9 kW

Maximum water consumption*

220 litres/hour

Maximum water consumption*

1,4 litres/rack

* calculated on High Capacity programme

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Viale Europa, 24 – 37045
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